America’s Favorite Photos
Rekindling America’s Appreciation of Photography
The Top Favorite Photos of 2023
1st Joanne MartensHeavenly Rays
2nd Barbara BurysekSula
3rd Lisa StrawnResting in the Bay
4th Eva RizziAutumn serenity
5th Shelly HardinReflections on the Water
6th Kenneth De FrancescoThe night
7th Rhonda TrailSummer Fun
8th Jennifer BlaineAlaskan Summer
9th Lori HillReflections
10th Ally LangkampHigher Power
11th Edwin LIEW-FERGUSONFoundation of Liberty
12th Lance KennedyNorth Tower
13th Lea JarvisRooney relaxing
14th Janice StoneTeaching Patriotism and Respect
16th Judith VincentThe eyes of beauty
17th Jessie RitzmannI shore am glad the stars came out ⭐️
18th Theresa LawGreat White Reflection
19th Coy LothropLove and the Time
20th Shanda HébertUnexpected Friends

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